The Science Of Temptainability

Brand owners are facing big challenges in packaging. The answer to these challenges lies in packaging that is both sustainable as well as desirable! As Packadore Collective, we call this Temptainability. In order to offer brand owners more control, we developed a range of tools. They offer measurable insights in the CO2-footprint as well as the subconscious processes that drive the desirability of packaging solutions. More about Packadore

Neuro Valuation Research

The Neuro Valuation Research offers insights in the monetary value your target audience subconsciously attributes to a new pack design, compared to existing or competitive alternatives. The higher the value, the higher the willingness to pay.

  • Online measurement of the pricing strategy
  • International / variety in target group
  • Results within 1 week

Sustainability Scan

The Sustainability Scan gives you quantified insights into the opportunities to reduce the CO2 footprint of your packaging. We measure the footprint of your current packaging and explore alternatives.

  • Alternative scenarios to reduce, reuse and recycle your packaging
  • Tangible visualization of opportunities
  • € 2.500,- report within a week

Desirability Scan

The Desirability Scan reveals what the subconscious response of your target audience will be to new packaging design, compared to existing or competitive alternatives. It measures 4 variables: sustainability perception, attractiveness, uniqueness and sales power.

  • On-line measurement of subconscious response
  • International / variety in target audience
  • € 2.500,- results within 1 week