The Desirability Scan reveals what the subconscious response of your target audience will be to new packaging design, compared to existing or competitive alternatives. It measures 4 variables: sustainability perception, attractiveness, uniqueness and sales power.

  • On-line measurement of subconscious response
  • International / variety in target audience
  • € 2.500,- results within 1 week
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Ensure the success of your packing with the Desirability Scan

Find out how successful your new packaging design is, measured among a representative sample of your target audience. See how your packaging scores on sustainability, attractiveness, distinctiveness and selling power. Within a week you will have the results on an interactive dashboard including a full report in pdf format. And all that for only 2,500 euros.

What can you test?

The scan was developed to quickly and cost effectively get an impression of the effect of a new packaging design in the consumer's subconsciousness, compared to two different designs; for example the old packaging and/or the competition.

Fully online

More than seventy brain studies and several thousand brain measurements have underpinned the development of the algorithms that are trained to report with scientific reliability on the potential success of a new packaging design.

The algorithms allow us to measure online those associations with which people, under time pressure and therefore subconsciously, make a connection between your packaging and the four points of reference.

Your target group

The scan allows you to make a reliable prediction about the potential success of your new packaging by selecting between men and women, four age categories, and a range of countries.

If you prefer to look at a more specific target group, please contact us.

Result within a week

Speed is key in packaging design research. You don't want to delay or disrupt the development process. This quick scan into the subconscious processing of your design(s) is conducted in real time and online and includes an analysis and concise report. You will receive the report within 5 working days.

Start scanning Now

Do you want to be sure you're on the right track with your new design? Do you want to know for sure if the design stands out, is popular and sells at least as well as the current version? Then start the test now:

  • Online measurement of the subconscious
  • International with target group selection
  • € 2.500,- report within 1 week
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If you need more information on the Desirability Scan or support with a scan you would like to make, please get in touch with one of our specialists.