Neuro Valuation

The Neuro Valuation Research offers insights in the monetary value your target audience subconsciously attributes to a new pack design, compared to existing or competitive alternatives. The higher the value, the higher the willingness to pay.

  • Online measurement of the pricing strategy
  • International / variety in target group
  • Results within 1 week

The Neuro Valuation Research allows you to accurately predict consumer behaviour using both conscious and unconscious brain responses. Traditional consumer research falls short by only capturing a fraction of consumers' thoughts and reactions. Consumers process marketing messages quickly, emotionally, and largely at an unconscious level. Asking people directly what they consciously think doesn't give you the right results, as people often provide socially desirable answers. At Packadore we use this knowledge to optimize the pricing for our client’s products to a ‘feel-good price- for the consumer. Using an EEG-scan, we show that our sustainable and desirable packaging solutions lead to higher consumer satisfaction, higher margins, and therefore higher sustainability benefits!

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